Using the Mashery Web Services

After you register with Mashery and link with a Service Provider, you can sign up to use their APIs and Web Services by requesting an API key. Once you accept the Service Provider's Terms of Service and receive approval, you will be issued an API key. Check the Service Provider's documentation to see how these keys are used within their APIs and Web Services. In the Mashery world, each API is unique so you will need an API key for each API you use, even if it comes from the same Service Provider.

  1. Log in using your Mashery account. You can read through the Service Provider's documentation and other content to see if it meets your criteria. When you are ready to sign up with the Service Provider, continue to the next step.
  2. Select the number of queries you expect in a day and review the maximum number of queries allowed. Remember that once you hit the maximum queries in a time period set by the Service Provider, all subsequent queries will be rejected. So, it is important to be as accurate as possible on your estimate.
  3. Tell us a bit about how you are going to use the API or Web Service.
    • the name of your application
    • the type of application you are building
    • how many people you expect will use the application
    • what your application will do

This information helps your Service Provider understand who is using their services.

  1. Click Submit.
  2. Check your information to make sure it accurately describes your needs. If you need to make any corrections, click Back to return to the previous form, make changes and resubmit.
  3. Also review the Service Provider's Terms and Conditions and click Accept. You must accept the Terms and Conditions before proceeding. Note that these are not Mashery's Terms of Use, which do not govern your use of a provider's Web Services. However, we do provide a template for providers to use in constructing their terms for you.
  4. Once you accept, you are provided with an API key for each Service you have requested. These keys are also sent to you in email and viewable in My Account.
  5. Follow the link to the service's documentation page where you will learn how to use your keys. You are ready to start using the service!