Managing Your Developers

When a user first signs up and is activated, they have "Developer" status, whether they belong to your organization or are part of your Developer community. You can then promote specific members of your organization to Administrator or Moderator status.

Public pages (that is, pages in the Portal that are not marked as drafts) are accessible to all visitors. Visitors who register can be granted more abilities to interact with the site. These levels of authorization are:

  • An Anonymous Visitor has not identified herself in this session. The user might be browsing the public portal to get information about your service, or might be a Developer who has not yet logged into the web session. Anonymous visitors can view all pages marked "public" but cannot make changes or leave comments.
  • A Pending Developer has created a Mashery account and has agreed to the Mashery Terms of Service, but has not yet activated her Mashery account. When the user receives the confirmation email and clicks to activate the account, the account is changed from Pending status to Active Developer status.
  • An Active Developer has activated her Mashery account and can interact with the site in accordance to the Moderation settings (configured on the Dashboard in Settings --> Moderation). As allowed by these settings, the user might create wiki pages, edit wiki pages, comment on wiki pages, comment on documentation, comment on blog entries, and create new forum posts. An Active Developer can also request access to one or more API keys.
  • A Keyholder has agreed to the terms of service for the Service Provider offering that API. This user can make API calls and receive responses, subject to the usage limitations set by the Service Provider.

At any point after activation, a user's account can be promoted to Service Provider level. There is no way for the user to request this; only the existing Service Provider Administrators can promote users.

  • A Service Provider Moderator has access to the Service Provider Dashboard. She can view all pages (including draft pages), create/edit/delete any type of page, and change site configuration and settings. A Moderator can approve, delete, or flag the content created by other users, if moderation controls are activated for this site. These abilities are independent of any Developer status that the user might have. A Service Provider Moderator can be promoted to the final level of site access: Administrator.
  • A Service Provider Administrator has all the abilities of a Moderation, with one addition. A Service Provider Administrator is the only type of account that can promote other users to Moderator level or to Administrator level.

Managing User Permissions

Use the Dashboard's Users page to view user lists, access user details, promote users, and otherwise manage the Developers and Service Provider accounts associated with your Mashery services.